Spring til indhold

International Gathering 2024

Motion: Andet motionstilbud

Come join the International Gathering at Gerlev if you are interested in innovative and artistic ways of moving your body. Choose your focus; PARKOUR, MOVE, DANCE or BEACHVOLLEY for one week this summer.

Get a unique chance to live, socialize and do some amazing training in a great community for one week this summer.

The four movement styles have a lot in common and of course many differences. We promise a summer week full of great inspiration for everybody to grow and learn from great coaches and each other.

Choose a main focus of the week that you follow in most classes: Parkour, Move Dance or Beachvolley. Every day you also choose a minimum of one other class, that all four groups can choose from, such as: "Parkour introduction", "Floorwork for all", "Aquatics" or "Happy feet - basic intro to Dance", and much more.

Throughout the week you are invited to inspiring and relevant lectures - both some specifically for your main subject and some for everyone. And last, but not least, you will participate in a wide range of social activities and the best of Danish 'hygge': games, performances, open swimming pool, sauna, beachvolley for all, disc golf and much more.

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